'About 'Refuot Center

Refuot Center is a Center for integrated medicine, clinicians from various fields of expertise knowledge and professional experience in the field of complementary medicine, and Western medicine.

Refuot  center, was founded 21 years ago, giving his patients for treatments of various health problems.

We believe in integrative medicine. Combining ancient wisdom with modern knowledge to treat illnesses and increase the body's natural ability to heal.

Refuot  Center is managed under the professional supervision of Dr. Yair Maimon, O.M.D Ph.D Ac  A senior Chinese medicine practitioners in integrated medicine in Israel. Dr. Yair Maimon engaged in traditional Chinese medicine and herbal medicine for 30 years, among the first practitioners in Israel, founded schools for therapists, initiated and promoted the integration of complementary medicine and schools in conjunction with Western medicine, in recent years he lectures in the world especially in the field of care and support for cancer patients and handling complex emotional States. He is conducting research in herbal medicine and cancer for over 15 years in hospitals. Dr. Yair Maimon is the professional manager of Refuot centre and with Refuot's therapists, promotes integrated medicine to the highest professional level.

There are over 20 practitioners from various fields of complementary medicine and Western medicine.

Refuot is a multi-disciplinary center, we use:

Acupuncture, herbal medicine, Homeopathy, naturopathy, shiatsu, reflexology

In Refuot, we believe that it is necessary to understand the root of the disease.

Here we are doing our best to give you the best care, personal and professional way,

We believe that true and correct meeting between patient and therapist, based on knowledge and experience, is the where healing can happen

about Dr. Yair Maimon 

Refuot center is in Tel Aviv

18 finstein st